Eternal Petals™ are 100% REAL ROSES that can last for up to a year and longer. Yes, that’s right, a year and longer!
The roses are cut when they have perfectly bloomed, and when treated with a new cutting-edge method, their look, feel and smell become long lasting.
The roses stay fresh and soft for so long because of a special all-natural process. This involves roses grown in South America that are cut when the roses are at their peak state.
Next, each rose is then preserved with natural oils and a non-toxic and non-allergenic wax formula.
We offer many variations of colours, including the more traditional classic colours like red, as well as, more imaginative colours like rainbow and gold.
By hand, the roses are then placed into beautiful arrangements in artistic Parisian style gift boxes, each tailored to individual customer's design requirement.
The only maintenance that the roses require is occasional light dusting, although we recommended that the flowers are kept away from direct sunlight, heat and humidity.