Are the Eternal Petals™ roses real?
Yes absolutely. Our roses are all-natural and are grown skillfully in South American flower farms. They look, feel and smell real, because they are real!
How is it possible that the roses last a whole year or more?
Well, we use an exclusive procedure which ensures that the roses remain fresh. The roses are carefully picked to guarantee that only the best roses are selected, and then their pigment is expertly removed. They are then coated for preservation with an invisible layer of natural wax, and are infused with a variety of colors.
Are the roses harmful or toxic?
Definitely not. They are all-natural and have no chemicals nor additives that are dangerous.
Do the roses need to be watered?
No, please do not try and water the roses as they do not need any care really, other than love and affection. The unique preservation technique ensures that the roses remain full of life for a year at least.
What kind of maintenance do the flowers need?
To be very honest, almost nothing. No watering at all, and no changing of vases since the roses come in box arrangements that will stay beautiful for the life of the roses. No grooming as the petals will not wilt and the roses will remain gorgeous and fresh for at least a year.
The only thing you need to keep your arrangement fresh is to keep the roses away from direct sunlight and at normal room temperature.
Should I take the flowers out of the box?
No, the roses and box are custom-made as an elegant arrangement, and so the roses are meant to stay in the box.
Can I design my own arrangement?
Yes, you can customize the colors and patterns for your arrangement, as well as, the box type. Our team will help you create your own perfect arrangement. 
Can I order colors and boxes you do not display?
Yes, for an extra charge you can request any creative choice of colour and box type, even if we may not do them as a standard design. Such a bespoke order will take additional time to produce and deliver.
Will my arrangement look exactly as it does on the website?
Yes, as a part of our satisfaction guarantee, we endeavor to provide roses that are as close to the product photos as possible. Please note that roses may look different depending on lighting conditions.
Can I schedule a delivery to a specific time and date?
Yes, you can select the exact date you desire for delivery at the time of ordering. 
We use best-of-breed third-party couriers, but the specific time of delivery will be dependent on the courier their delivery routing. Therefore, we are unable to guarantee a specific delivery time. 
Specific delivery dates cannot be chosen for international orders.
Do you offer same day delivery?
Unfortunately, not at this time, as each arrangement is handmade for each order and then handed over to the third-party courier.
Do you deliver on Sunday?
Unfortunately, not currently.
Do you offer next-day delivery?
Can I order by email or phone?
Do you ship overseas?
Do you accept returns?
Although we take great pride in customer satisfaction, unfortunately we do not accept returns after an order has shipped since each arrangement is custom-made.  
How can I reach customer service?
If you need assistance, have any questions or would like to provide us with feedback, please contact us at info@eternalpetals.com