10 Facts about Roses

10 Facts about Roses

Here at Eternal Petals, we love roses. Our favourite flower, roses symbolise so many things and have been an inherent part of English history. Plus, they’re timeless beauties that will never go out of style.

Although roses are one of the most well-known flowers around the world, we bet there are a few interesting facts about this English bud that you would never have guessed. Here are just ten of our favourites.

1. The rose is England’s traditional national flower.

Since the time of the War of the Roses (1455), the rose has been the emblem of England. Specifically, the Tudor Rose.

2. 55 million roses are sent every Valentine’s Day in the UK.

Let that number sink in. That’s a lot of roses we love to send to one another every single year on one day!

3. The fruit of a rose is called the rosehip.

This ingredient is used frequently in beauty products as well as cooking in jams and preserves. It’s rich in vitamin C which makes it key for both foods and skincare.

4. There are thousands of songs about roses out there.

Think about it, have you ever heard of another flower that gets so much air time? From Bon Jovi’s Bed of Roses and Seal’s Kiss from a Rose to A Rose is Still a Rose by Aretha Franklin, there are thousands of songs through history all about our beloved rose.

5. History says roses symbolised secrecy.

Roses were worn around the neck in the time of the Romans. Men would discuss private matters “under the rose” and this would then be considered a sworn secret by those involved. Also known by the Latin phrase, sub rosa.

6. Archaeology shows that roses have been around for over 35 million years.

This was discovered after finding a rose fossil in Colorado confirming it to be one of our oldest blooms.  

7. Roses smell good for a reason.

Roses have microscopic perfume glands which makes them perfect to use as a scent. The fragrance is released from these tiny glands which are found on the petal’s surface. But did you know, 25% of rose species have no scent at all?

8. Roses are very symbolic.

Each colour means something different. Red means love. Yellow means friendship or congratulations. Orange roses represent desire. Hot pink roses mean gratitude while baby pink roses mean femininity and grace. White roses mean purity or innocence. Black roses symbolise rebirth.

9. Blue roses are quite new.

In 2004, rose growers and enthusiasts managed to create the world’s first-ever blue rose after years of trying.

20. There are over 100 species of rose.

Did you think a rose was just a rose? Well, there are actually over 100 species of rose and thousands of hybrid roses in one of the biggest range of colours in the flower world.


How many of our ten facts about roses did you know already?

If you love roses and would love to have year-long roses with beauty that lasts and lasts, browse our stunning collection of year-long roses in our biggest range of colours yet.


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