30th July - International Day of Friendship

30th July - International Day of Friendship

We’ve got Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and pretty much a national day for everything. From eating your vegetables to a day all about photography, there’s a national day for every interest and activity. But what about our friendships?

Our friendships are one of the most important parts of our lives. And yet, do we ever truly celebrate them as we should?

Enter International Day of Friendship.


On the 30th of July, we celebrate the International Day of Friendship. And at Eternal Petals, we think we should all be making a much bigger day of this event.

Show your best friends what they really mean to you and make this national day as big as you would for Mother’s and Father’s Day!


How? – Send her some beautiful long-lasting roses to show her how much you care.


Flowers for International Day of Friendship

Not sure which long-lasting roses to choose for your best mate? Follow our top tips on how to choose roses for your friend on Friendship Day.


Traditional Yellow for Friendship

Wondering what the traditional colour of roses is to symbolise friendship? It’s perfect for this time of year which makes it a great choice for International Friendship Day. Yellow.

Yellow roses are both a symbol of friendship and celebration which makes them ideal for this special day. Plus, they’re a bright, beautiful and joyful way to brighten up your best friend’s home.

Our bumblebee yellow roses do just the trick.


Choose Their Favourite Colour

If yellow isn’t for them, don’t worry. With our huge selection of hues, you can simply choose their favourite colour and send them a stunning box of long-lasting roses in their go-to palette.

Whether you know they love soft and subtle pastel peach or you think luxe midnight blue roses would make them swoon, choose their favourite colour for Friendship Day.


Pick a Colour to Suit Their House

Another way to choose the perfect box of roses for your BFF is to match them up with their home. Maybe they’re into bright statement colours or maybe they like to keep things simple. Either way, you can choose a bold colour or a classic neutral that they’ll love to enjoy for the next whole year!


Classic Pink Instead of Romantic Red

While classic red roses might seem too romantic to send to a friend, pink roses are another beautiful option. Plus, with the selection we have created at Eternal Petals, there’s truly a pink shade perfect for everyone.

Whether she loves soft pastel pink, smouldering bright hot pink or something more in the middle, if your bestie loves pink, this is your perfect choice.


Opt for Bespoke with a Mixture of Colours

Can’t decide which colour to go for your best friend? We know it’s difficult to choose. So, that’s why we created our bespoke colour mix boxes of roses.

Instead of choosing just one hue, you can now mix and match to create your own box or choose one of our pre-mixed colour boxes of your choice.


Show your best friends how much you love them this year by acknowledging International Day of Friendship on the 20th July. Choose your long-lasting roses in advance at Eternal Petals and gift her beautiful roses that will last until next summer!

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