4 Ways to Personalise Your Eternal Petals Infinity Roses Box

4 Ways to Personalise Your Eternal Petals Infinity Roses Box

When we first launched Eternal Petals, we knew we wanted to create a unique gifting experience when it came to one-year roses. Not only did we want to ensure that our roses were beautiful and striking, but we also wanted to create a way for our customers to personalise their gifts and present them to their friends and family with their own unique, personal touch.


That’s why, when you’re heading through the process of creating your own infinity roses box, there are several ways to personalise your gift to ensure that your recipient will adore it. Here, we take a look at four of the ways you can make your gift unique and adapt it to suit your chosen loved one.


  1. Choose the Right Display Box for Your Roses


Choosing the display box is just as important as selecting the colour of roses that you want to fill it with. We have a range of options for very different aesthetics.


  • Solo Rose – For a touch of simplicity and an ultra-sweet gift, why not choose a single rose in a clear box
  • White Velvet Box – Keeping the overall aesthetic of the display bright and contemporary, opt for sumptuous white velvet
  • Black Velvet Box – A beautiful luxe option, our black velvet boxes with gold logo detailing offers a stunning finish
  • Marble Velvet Box – For a little added detail, why not try one of our unique marble boxes with a beautifully on-trend stone print finish
  • Round Box – Smooth out the edges with a round box option, complete with 12 roses



  1. Decide Between Block Colour and Mixed Colours


This will be a very personal choice, depending hugely on who you are giving your flowers to and where you would imagine they would be displayed in the home.


Opting for block colours creates a statement, minimal finish, whereas opting for a mix of colour could mean anything from two hues to 16.


  1. Create Your Own Design


If you’ve decided to opt for more than one colour of infinity roses, this where you can get really creative and create your own design layout. From rows of different hues or alternating colours to crafting your own ombré effect, personalise your box perfectly to suit whatever the lucky recipient would love most.


  1. Include A Greeting Card


A luxury personalised greeting card is the final finishing touch to your stunning box of infinity roses. No matter what the occasion, add a final personal touch to your gift with a message straight from the heart.


We know how important it is to create something unique and personal for a very special gift. That’s why at each step of the infinity roses box creation we have a personalisation option for you. Whether you want to choose your friends favourite colour, team your chosen box with your own interior design or create a special message for your partner, let us help you create the perfect gift with Eternal Petals.


For ideas on when infinity roses are the perfect gift ideas, keep an eye on the Eternal Petals blog!

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