5 Places in Your Home a Box of Roses Would Look Amazing

5 Places in Your Home a Box of Roses Would Look Amazing

An Eternal Petals box of roses is the perfect gift or even a treat for yourself. But they are not just a perfect gift. They are also a stunning addition to a contemporary and stylish home interior. From the bright corners of your kitchen to the sanctuary of your master bedroom, here, we look at five of our favourite places within the home to add a box of roses for maximum impact.


Roses in The Hallway


Make the most stylish immediate first impression with a stunning box of roses in your hallway, exuding a chic statement. Adding flowers to a hallway allows you to see them the second you leave your home and the moment you arrive back, giving you a burst of positivity in an instant. It is also an ideal way to harmonise the luxury décor within the rooms off the hallway, creating a flowing interior ambience.


Add Roses to Your Kitchen


Is there really anything better than having stunning real flowers in your kitchen? Whether you love to cook or enjoy to entertain friends, the kitchen is the heart of every home. Therefore, it’s the perfect place to enjoy your luxury box of roses.


Indulge in Bedroom Roses


There’s nothing as romantic as roses in the bedroom. So, why not add roses that will also last a whole year with zero maintenance? Whether you opt for sumptuous tones, such as deep red or even black or bright hues for a touch of nature, a box of roses could be the perfect way to complete your bedroom’s interior design.


Add a Touch of Luxury to The Bathroom


The bathroom can often be an overlooked room when it comes to finishing touches, such as flowers. You might adore adding flowers to every room in the house but for some reason, when it comes to the bathroom, it gets left behind.


Contemporary trends are seeing more and more plants and greenery within bathroom interior design. And why not add roses as well?


Beautiful neutral colours, such as white and green roses are the perfect option for a bathroom or because our boxes of roses are longer lasting, why not coordinate with one of the colours already in your bathroom for perfect harmony?


Roses in Every Window


Enjoy them from inside but add a touch of luxury to the visuals of the outside of your home as well by placing your box of roses in the window. Catching the light and brightening up the edges of the room, it’s the perfect place to add a touch of colour.


Wherever you spend the most time relaxing is the perfect place in your home for a luxury box of roses. Whether that’s reclining in the bathtub, spending time with family in the living room or hosting for friends in the kitchen, no matter where you choose to place your one-year roses, they promise to light up the

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