5 Reasons Long-Lasting Roses Are Better

5 Reasons Long-Lasting Roses Are Better

Why choose long-lasting roses over real ones?

There’s nothing better than gifting stunning roses to a friend, loved one or yourself. But what could make beautiful real roses even better? How about if they lasted for a WHOLE year.

We think long-lasting roses are better than regular roses for so many reasons. Here are just a few of them.


They Last...Long


Firstly, and most obviously, they last! Long-lasting roses or year-long roses have been treated while in perfect bloom. This treatment then keeps them at their most perfect state for a whole year.

Roses from the local flower shop might look great in your favourite vase but within a week, they’ll start to dry, droop and wilt until they’re ready to go into the bin.

Long-lasting roses remove this never-ending cycle. Buy roses now and months down the line, you’ll still be enjoying them.


You Have Zero Maintenance


Forget to add water to your vase? Or forget to add the flower food sachet that came with the standard roses you bought at the shop? They’ll start to wilt straight away. With long-lasting roses, this is not an issue.

With zero maintenance from the minute you open your display box, our long-lasting roses stay in perfect bloom with no watering, no food and no adjustments necessary.

The perfect gift for some who wants beautiful roses with zero hassle.


You Don’t Have to Use a Vase

When you bring a bouquet of flowers back from the shop – or receive them in a surprise delivery - the first thing you do is go on the hunt for a free vase. With long-lasting roses, the flowers have been selected by hand and added individually to our stunning Parisian-style suede display boxes.

No matter your style of house, our display boxes are chic, elegant and effortlessly on-trend. Making them the perfect final touch for any home décor.


You Have SO MUCH Colour Choice

One of our favourite things about long-lasting roses? There truly is a colour for everyone. Love soft shades of pastel? Find them here. Prefer bold touches of royal blue, purple or bright green? You’re covered.

Long-lasting roses come in a huge selection of colours, always in season and always available to buy in one place with Eternal Petals.

Choose them to suit your house interior or select a colour that means something special to you. From romantic red to pure white and everything in between.


They Look Amazing, Always

Our roses are called long-lasting roses because they truly last. Exactly as they’re delivered to you. For a whole year, they don’t wilt or curl at the edges. They don’t lose their colour or drop petals. They look amazing, always.


Shop long-lasting roses with Eternal Petalsand discover a brand-new way to gift and display stunning roses.

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