Choosing the Perfect Coloured Rose

Choosing the Perfect Coloured Rose

With a rose colour and display design to suit everyone, how are we to ever choose? At Eternal Petals, choice is very important to us and we want to bring our customers options to suit every person they are considering gifting with a one year rose. Whether you choose one of our luxury velvet boxes or opt for a single solo rose in a clear display box, the colour of the rose is the most important thing.


So, how do you go about choosing? There are several things that we think should be considered.


Who Is Your One Year Rose For?


Whoever you’re planning to give your rose to will clearly affect the colour you end up choosing. A gift of love is often perfect with traditional red and pink roses, whereas a gift for a new home might be better in more neutral hues of white or greens.


Think about the personality of the person you’re buying for and try to match their nature with a colour that reflects their unique sense of style.


And if you’re buying for yourself, then you can choose whichever colour is making you the happiest.


Where Will It Go in The Home?


It’s also worth considering where in the home you would imagine the floral display to be positioned. A kitchen display suits natural and bright tones, whereas a bedroom display might be more romantic. A display for a living area might coordinate with a key colour already in the room or with lots of colour already there, you might choose to keep the display neutral.


Imagining where the box of roses will be displayed might help to make a colour decision slightly easier.


One Year Rose Colours


With a huge selection of colours to choose from, you’ll find the perfect option at Eternal Petals. Let’s take a look at some of our one year rose colour options.


White One Year Roses


Classic, stunning and effortless, white roses in a box are a beautiful choice for so many occasions.



Black Infinity Roses


Sensual, unique and mysterious, our black infinity roses simply take your breath away.


one year roses, infinity roses


Red Box Roses


Traditional, classic and tasteful try our deep red roses or opt for a brighter hue of the classic palette.


roses that last a year


Metallic One Year Roses


If you love something a little different, our metallic roses in gold, silver and rose gold are simply stunning.


gold roses


Bright Coloured Infinity Roses


With a brightly coloured hue for every style, our collection includes all shades from hot pink and royal blue to lavender and sunshine yellow, perfect for spring.


roses that last a year


Of course, if choosing one colour is just too difficult, worry not. Choose to personalise your box of roses and you can select a plethora of hues in anything from row alternations to 16 different colours altogether.


Choosing the perfect coloured rose depends on who the flowers are going to and where they will be displayed. However, most importantly, it’s the colour that you’re instantly drawn to and just know your beloved chosen recipient will adore too.


Have fun choosing your longer lasting one year roses and remember to tag us on our Instagram with your chosen selection.

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