Eternal Petals: Longer Lasting Roses for Everyone

Eternal Petals: Longer Lasting Roses for Everyone

At Eternal Petals, we want to share our longer lasting roses with everyone. From choices to suit every style and taste to options at all budgets, here we take a quick look through all of the beautiful options we have to help you make the very best choice.


Opt for A Single Rose


A single rose can be the perfect symbol of true love and a subtle and elegant way to offer a touch of romance. With different choices for different styles, choose from either a single rose in a box or a solo long-stemmed rose, perfect to add to a chic, slimline vase.


Choose Sumptuous Luxury Velvet Boxes


When it comes to our larger displays, you’ll need to choose your display box, of which we have our luxurious velvet options in both black and white. Finished with stunning metallic logo detailing at the front, the boxes close completely, beautifully surrounding 16 perfectly bloomed real roses.


Go Extra Large


Want to make a real statement? Maybe our Grande, extra-large box option is the one for you? Perfectly packed with 49 longer lasting roses in your chosen colour or colours, this option arrives in a beautifully sumptuous soft pink velvet box, complete with a lid and finished with our signature metallic logo detailing at the front.


Make Maximum Impact with A Crystal Vase


If you’re looking for luxury to the highest degree, choose our crystal vase rose display, complete with approximately 45 to 50 real longer lasting roses. This traditional German crystal vase is exquisitely made and filled from edge to edge with our stunning coloured roses.


Choosing Your Longer Lasting Rose Colours


Once you’ve decided whether you’re opting for anything from the single rose in a box to a large crystal vase display, choosing your longer lasting rose colours comes next. This is the most important part of creating your perfect display.


From traditional rose colours, such as deep, romantic red or soft pastel pink to bright statement colour choices, we ensure to offer a choice that we know you’ll love.


If choosing just one colour isn’t for you, you have two options. Choose our breath-taking, unique rainbow roses with a montage of yellows, pinks, purples and blues or, alternatively, choose multiple coloured roses and create your very own design and layout in our personalisation page. However you arrange your coloured roses, create a design that is simply perfect for either yourself and your home or your chosen special someone.


Go Bespoke


If you’re on the hunt for something incredibly unique, why not try our bespoke services? Creating unique designs that blend our stunning longer lasting roses with a touch of greenery, you won’t find a floral display like this anywhere else.


Our Eternal Petals longer lasting rose collection has been designed and created to offer the perfect choice for all styles and tastes. Whether you’re searching for the perfect birthday present for your best friend or simply treating your home to a burst of stunning luxury colour, there’s an ideal choice that is just right.

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