Flowers for Spring Bank Holiday

Flowers for Spring Bank Holiday

Is it just us or when Spring Bank Holiday is around the corner, it really starts to get us in the mood for summer?

On May 25th, we’ll have Spring Bank Hol this year and let’s be honest, it’s going to be one to remember. But not for the reasons we might have expected.

This year, it seems we’ll be spending Spring Bank Holiday indoors. Or at least in the nearby park with only our households.

So, what can we do to make Spring Bank Holiday feel a little special this year?


Brighten Up with Flowers


Obviously, at Eternal Petals, we’re all about flowers. Whatever the occasion, whatever the event or holiday, flowers are the answer. And Spring Bank Holiday is no different this year.

So, one thing we’ll be doing to brighten up our homes for the spring holiday is to add some vibrancy to our rooms with our long-lasting roses.

Instead of opting for subtle white or natural green, this holiday, we’re all about the colour.

We’re thinking bold flashes of on-trend lilac roses for the most Instagram-worthy aesthetic, pops of beautiful brightening orange roses or even celebratory splashes of sunshine yellow.

Whether you’re brightening up your own home for the Spring holiday or sending flowers to a friend or loved one to make them smile, opt for long-lasting roses that promise to last a whole year. Much longer than our current situation.


Make Plans


So, we might not be able to plan a big party or a day out with friends like we usually would for Spring Bank Holiday. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make plans and make the day special.

If you’re living with a group, why not plan a picnic or BBQ in the garden and set a cute spring table to really make an afternoon of it? If you’re isolating alone, why not set up a Zoom afternoon? Invite your group of friends in and each have your own private picnic on camera. Distanced but together.


Spring Clean

If there’s ever a good excuse to do a full spring clean of the house, then it’s got to be in time for Spring Bank Holiday! Imagine a top to bottom fresh and clean home just in time for your Spring day off.

Use the upcoming bank holiday as a goalpost and inspiration to get your house in tip-top shape. Just make sure it’s done and dusted in time for the holiday so that you can take the day off and enjoy the benefits of your work.

This will likely be the only Spring Bank Holiday that we ever spend in lockdown. So, instead of seeing it as a negative that we can’t head out or meet up with friends and family, let’s stay positive and see it as a memorable, once in this lifetime experience. One that we’re sure to be talking about for years to come.  

Brighten up your home this May with some Spring Bank Holiday flowers that promise to get you in the mood for the summer. 

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