How to Decorate a Home Office Space

How to Decorate a Home Office Space

Now more than ever before, we’re working from home more permanently. Some of our home office spaces have been thrown together to accommodate these unprecedented times. And some are our everyday places of work.


Either way, we’ve been thinking about how to decorate home offices. They need to be calm and destressing sanctuaries. They also need to promote health, life, productivity and creativity.


So how do we do all this with some easy decorating transformation tips?


Consider Art


A great way to create a more luxe home office space is to add some oversized artwork. This doesn’t have to cost as much as you think.


Opt for A1-sized poster prints and find inexpensive white or black frames. Together, they create a luxe and contemporary visual without a big budget.


When selecting multiple art pieces for a room, always consider them together – even if they won’t sit directly next to one another. This will help you to curate a space that works as one consistent theme.


Add Natural Accents


Adding plants to any space creates a sense of calm and beauty. Consider different size plants and mix and match between leafy green plants and pops of colour.


Interior trends for 2020 are packed with oversized, exotic leafy plants. Choose floor standing plants and pot them in neutral, natural-looking ceramic or rattan pots, placed next to your desk. This works perfectly as an alternative to a desk plant and saves safe on your tabletop.


Brighten Up with Colour


Bright and vibrant long-lasting roses are the perfect way to brighten up any space with a burst of colour. Plus, roses sit beautifully alongside your other leafy plants.


No matter how minimal or traditional your space, roses are a compact way to add a certain sense of luxury to your home office. Choose from a variety of sizes to suit your unique space.


Create Stylish Organisation


If you feel like your home office verges on too practical without enough style, try rethinking your shelving and organisational space. Do you have stacked books and paperwork everywhere but not much else?


Instead, consider opting for some stylish shelving. Separate your books and paperwork into organised groups. Then, instead of simply stacking, style them on your shelves next to plants, candles, picture frames and coffee table books.


Get the Lighting Right


One of the most important things to get right when it comes to decorating a home office is your lighting. Consider if you prefer warm or cool lighting and how this works with the rest of your décor.


Create a combination of lighting through ceiling lights and lamps. Create features with oversized floor lamps and don’t forget a statement desk lamp too.


Creating a beautiful home office environment gives you the best chance of making the most of your time at home.


You spend so much time in your home office, why not create the nicest space for your hours of hard work?


And decorating doesn’t have to be expensive. Think about using a couple of our home office decorating tips to add some life to your working space.

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