Latest Colours in The Eternal Petals Collection

Latest Colours in The  Eternal Petals Collection

Shop the latest colours added to the EP long-lasting roses collection.  

We’re always listening to our customers. And when our customers ask for new colours, we listen. Forever updating and bettering our collection of long-lasting roses, we’re super excited to take you through some of the newest colours in the collection.


Whether you’re surprising a friend or treating yourself, why not try one of our newest long-lasting roses colours to add to your home this season.


Blue Lagoon

A striking balance of jewel tones and ocean blue, our brand-new Blue Lagoon roses are simply divine. This rich tone is so unique and very different from our other blue roses, which makes it extra special. We know you’re going to love it.


Double Pink

Our beautiful new Double Pink roses are some of our first ombré style coloured roses. Creating a luxe multi-dimensional effect, these roses blend light pink with darker tones to build depth. Making them look super expensive and beautifully unique.


Double Peach

Another stunning ombré effect colourway that we’ve added to the collection this season is our Double Peach roses. Blending soft natural peach with brighter shades of pink, this beautiful effect is perfect for anyone loving pastels this season.



A rich and super on-trend colour for 2020 is our brand-new Khaki roses. This deep green is both bold and soft at the same time. The perfect way to add some on-trend greenery to a modern and minimalist interior space.


Tiffany Satin 

Soft and effortlessly fresh, our new Tiffany Satin roses are proving endlessly popular. This super light green is a new take on the famous Tiffany green hue and adds just enough colour without overwhelming and room. Styled with white, they look luxe and beautifully unique.


Pink Satin

One of our softest pinks to date, we’re obsessed with our Pink Satin roses. The colour is soft and ultimately feminine but with our pink satin, it’s all about the finish. With a stunning sheen that emulates the look of real satin fabric, these roses reflect the light and ooze luxury.


Champagne Satin

We also decided to create this beautiful and unique satin finish with our champagne roses. Our brand-new Champagne Satin roses exude polished style, perfect to place in a neutral and contemporary home.


White Satin

The last roses in our new collection are our White Satin roses. With the same finish effect as the pink and champagne, these stunning roses are effortlessly chic. With a unique sheen finish, they’re white but they’ve got the perfect light-reflecting coating that gives them something a little different.


With a colour perfect for everyone, shop long-lasting roses at Eternal Petals and discover roses that last for a whole year.

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