Real Roses That Last a Year – How Is This Possible?

Real Roses That Last a Year – How Is This Possible?

Can Roses Really Last a Whole Year?

Everyone loves real roses. The problem? No matter how well you take care of them and how much sunshine they get from sitting on a table or window sill, they can’t last. Sooner than you’d like, they start to wilt and you have to head out to the shops to replace them with fresh ones. And that’s why people are turning to long-lasting roses. Or year-long roses, as they are also known. These roses are real and yet they last for a WHOLE YEAR.


But how?

At Eternal Petals, we worked with our rose experts to create the ideal solution to wilting roses. By preserving them at their peak, we have created a way to keep them at their best for a year. Which means once you’ve found a bouquet you love, you can enjoy them for much longer.


We start with sourcing the best roses


Our roses aren’t just any other roses. We source the best quality roses from our expert rose partners in South America. The farm we are partnered with carefully grow our beautiful roses and cut them by hand to ensure they are protected from the moment they are parted from the ground.

Cutting them in perfect bloom promises that the roses you have in your box or vase for a whole year are always at their peak.


We then quickly preserve the roses

Preserving the roses at their peak comes next. This has to be done quickly to promise a beautiful bloom for as long as possible.

How does it work?

Alongside our expert partners, we have created a preservation formula that is applied to each rose by hand individually. Crafted from a combination of all-natural oils and non-toxic wax, this formula ‘freezes’ the rose in time, as it is. In it’s perfectly bloomed state.

Adding this formula to each rose stops them from growing any further. But it also stops them from wilting or dying. While doing this, the special formula has been designed to maintain each rose’s texture and hand-feel. So, you won’t find the roses are stiff or crispy. They are just as soft and luxurious as a rose that is still growing in your garden.

We also have a state-of-the-art colour pigmentation process which guarantees whichever incredible colour you choose also lasts the whole year without fading.


The final touches

Preserving the roses in their perfect bloom isn’t the end of the journey at Eternal Petals. We also take huge pride in the presentation of our roses. Which is what our customers love the most about our collection.

Opting for luxe suede display boxes, we hand select each rose and trim and add to the display boxes carefully to ensure your perfect bouquet or box.

This is how we achieve year-long roses that look so perfect, it’s hard to believe that they’re real.



The perfect gift or treat for yourself, discover the Eternal Petals long-lasting roses collection online. From romantic and classic red to bold blue or yellow, find your perfect display today.



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