The Perfect Colour Rose for Every Occasion

The Perfect Colour Rose for Every Occasion

Not sure which colour rose is the right choice for your next special occasion?

At Eternal Petals, we love to have a perfect pick no matter what your reason for gifting. So, whether it’s a birthday, a new home or a new baby, we’ve got you covered.



Send some birthday cheer to a friend or loved one this season with a stunning box of year-long roses.

The best thing about it? There’s a colour to suit everyone. Whatever your special someone’s favourite shade, you’ll find everything from soft greens and pastel pinks to deep and rich blues and luxe plum hues.

When they see that you’ve picked out their all-time favourite colour, they’ll know you’ve been thinking about them. 


New Home

When someone moves into a new home, the last thing they’re thinking about is adding flowers to the mix. But they make such a difference! And they make us feel great.

Send a box of long-lasting roses that matches your friend or family member’s new home or opt for neutral white or green if they’re yet to decorate.

Plus, when you send our long-lasting roses, they arrive in a beautiful display box which means no digging around in boxes for a vase for your friend!



While white lilies might be a usual expression of sympathy when someone passes away, a beautiful alternative might be a bouquet of white roses.

Simple, elegant and soothing, a bunch of long-lasting white roses can work in any interior which makes them a perfect gift when there’s not much else you can say.

Our white suede display boxes create the perfect neutral package.


Get Well

If someone you know is feeling unwell, it’s time to brighten up their day with a splash of beautiful uplifting colour. In the form of roses, of course.

Opt for a stunning orange colour or even bright yellow to wish them well and inject a little slice of brightness while they’re getting themselves on the mend.



Wondering which coloured rose is ideal to wish a loved one congratulations?

Whether they’ve been promoted or just graduated university, a bright box of long-lasting roses is the perfect way to say, ‘congrats!’.

Yellow is a great choice for congratulation roses. It conveys celebration and accomplishment which is just the right essence to send over, no matter what the cause. Alternatively, our hot pink roses are a modern choice, perfect for saying congratulations.


New Baby

The perfect new baby gift? Long-lasting roses that don’t require a vase or any maintenance at all. And that last a whole year.

Instead of adding to a stack of baby gifts, why not treat the new-mum in your life with a beautiful display of either baby blue or baby pink roses to celebrate their new arrival?

Whatever the occasion, our long-lasting roses are always the perfect gift.


Find a huge selection of colours to choose from and opt for white, black or marble suede display boxes for the perfect finishing touch to a stunning gift.




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