Valentines Day with Eternal Petals!

Valentines Day with Eternal Petals!

Are you looking for that perfect unique gift for the love of your life?

Trying to think of a good gift for that special someone who maybe isn’t quite that special yet?

Want to get a nice valentines gift for your bestie? 

Scoured the shelves of Harrods or Selfridges and still haven’t found what you’re looking for?

Running out of time and starting to panic?



Your search is over.

At Eternal Petals we believe in love that lasts for an eternity. What better way to celebrate that love than with a rose that lasts for at least a year (or longer). They are unique and thoughtful and can be customised by you for your special someone. 

We have many options you can go for. They include Solos, Quartets, Square and Round boxes. If you want something to represent that one and only person in your life consider a Solo. Our Solo is a rose of your choice inside a gorgeous crystal clear container. We have a vast selection of rose colours available. Maybe red isn’t you and your love’s colour? We have gorgeous shades of blue, green, pink and even satin shades to recognise a few.




Maybe you’re not so confident in your special someone’s affection? Our customised Solo is subtle enough that if they end up not reciprocating that adoration you’re not going to find yourself in hopefully too awkward a situation. You could simply give them a Sweetheart white gold Solo. It’s sweet and subtle - the perfect luxury gift. Maybe you are confident in their feelings for you and want to give them a huge declaration of your love you could try our Deep Love solo with Swarovski dream, a Swarovski crystal in the centre and customised initials on the solo edge.  


If you wanted to go a step further you could give them one of our Quartets. This is four of our roses inside a slightly larger clear container so you can have every single view our beautiful roses. These can be customised just like our Solos.


We also have available - for those who are madly in love and will spare no expense for their special someone, those that want to make the grandest gesture possible, besides proposing - our square and round boxes. 

Our square box is available in a black, white or marble velvet finish. We have available the option to customise the box by adding initials - yours or your loves or even both your letters - with a pearl, rainbow Swarovski crystal and also a clear Swarovski crystal. You can then choose 16 roses, we have the option of one or two colours for the square box. If you want to take it an extra step further you can add a Swarovski crystal to the centre of four, eight, or sixteen roses. We recommend one on each rose so that none of them feel left out, it is after all Valentines Day! 




We also have the option of our round box - a selection of 11-14 of our nicest roses in a black suede finish round box. Like our square boxes we have the option of adding Swarovski crystals to the centre of either six or twelve roses. Again, we would recommend, should you choose this option, to add one to all of them.


Not to mention you can choose the option of adding glitter to any of the roses in our products. This adds an extra glimmer to our Solos and Quartets - especially when they are in the sunlight. On our boxes the roses stand out beautifully and sparkle like diamonds in the sun. Perfect for those who are blinded by love. 


Eternal Petals roses are the perfect luxury gift for anyone in your life. You could get one for your mum or your close friend.  Perhaps that lonely person in your life who may need some cheering up on this cupid’s holiday. An Eternal Petals rose is a great gift and a lovely gesture that says you are my dearest friend and I care about you. Consider our Bumblebee Solo - yellow is after all known to be synonymous with friendship. It can be customised with a Swarovski crystal at the centre of the rose or you could put their initials on the side of the Solo. 



We hope you have a wonderful and romantic Valentines Day and with the help of Eternal Petals that it is even better!


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