Welcome to Eternal Petals

Welcome to Eternal Petals

Created through a love of fresh flowers, Eternal Petals enable you to enjoy beautiful and fresh scented blooms all year round, with a single bouquet. The perfect addition to any home, fresh flowers add life, vibrancy and love to a room – adding those extra special finishing touches makes all the difference.


Read on to discover how you can benefit from having fresh roses in your home all year round, and find out more about Eternal Petals…



Our History…


Founded by Airina Advani, Eternal Petals was created to make the benefits of having fresh flowers at home last longer. Airina had always been fascinated by flowers – she loved taking care of them, and she felt connected to them. Having fresh flowers in her home brightened up her day, but she hated having to throw them away as they started to wilt.


Airina decided to commit herself to finding a way to make fresh flowers last longer, and she did. We use a technique that allows fresh roses to stay fresher for longer, with our flower boxes lasting up to a year.


With a masters degree, designer Airina Advani wanted to create something completely bespoke and unique, working to create our floral designs herself. The name ‘Eternal Petals’ and our logo represents flower eternity – exactly what Airina always wanted from the flowers she had around her home and garden.


As an admirer of beauty and aesthetics, Airina believes that everybody should be able to benefit from fresh flowers for the long term, and that all homes can be brought to life with beautiful roses. Today we live in a dynamic world. Our 21stcentury lifestyles mean that we are busier than ever before, with no time to look after real flowers. This is where Eternal Petals comes in, enabling you to enjoy real roses without them wilting. That’s a whole year of flowers that look healthy, vibrant and smell beautiful. With virtually no care required, our roses don’t need watering or pruning, yet they are always like new.



Our Roses…


Our roses are cut when they are perfectly bloomed, with the ideal shape and color. They are then treated using our cutting edge method, to make them last a whole year, looking and smelling like new.


To achieve long lasting roses, each flower is dehydrated and preserved using natural oils and a non-toxic and non-allergenic wax formula. The rose is then dyed in a color tank, which allows us to create a number of beautiful and striking colors.


We have a total of 26 beautiful different shades, with each colour being named carefully to represent the shade and the feeling it creates. From our pale blue shade dream, to our soft pink colour sweetheart, each shade has been lovingly named for you.


Our Boxes…


All of our rose boxes and vases are arranged by hand to create a beautiful display for your home. Whether you are buying our roses for a gift or to brighten up your own home, we enable you to create bespoke designs to suit your own unique style. Choose from white or black velvet boxes and crystal vases to create your own unique design.


We offer an extensive color range, from soft white and pretty peach, to bold red and even rose gold and gold frosted roses. Our website is easy to navigate, and you can create your perfect design within minutes. Each product page allows you to try out different color combinations, displaying your roses so that you can see what they will look like before you commit to purchasing. In addition, our bespoke arrangements allow you to choose from advanced designs, such as ombre, checkers and gold infused.


We provide next day white glove delivery in London, and our roses are delivered in a truly beautiful luxury shopping bag. We also provide delivery to the rest of the UK and worldwide, where our roses will arrive in an elegant white box. Whether you live in the London area or the rest of the world, our roses make a wonderful surprise for a loved one.


We think roses are truly beautiful, which is why we take so much joy in making them last all year round. Our rose arrangements add a delicate touch to any home – make a statement with bold and bright colors, or add delicate detail with our soft shades.



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