What Are Infinity Roses?

What Are Infinity Roses?

What Are Infinity Roses?
An introduction to the world’s most favourite new gift!


Infinity roses have been booming as a gifting option worldwide! Adverts, shops and social media posts all seem to be raving about this new trend that is shifting how we gift roses. Don’t take our word for it, even celebrities and influencers are hopping onto the trend and are just loving it as a new gifting option. For us as a company, this is super exciting, we love that more and more people are falling in love with our roses! We suspect some of us may still have questions about infinity roses. The main one?

What on earth ARE infinity roses?!

Good question! Let’s clear it up for you.

To put it simply, infinity roses are just roses. Yup, that’s it. Infinity roses are your everyday beautiful and all-natural roses that have just undergone a little treatment to keep them looking fabulous for that much longer. Similar to how some of us treat ourselves to a little Botox here and there to sort out some of those frown lines, infinity roses are treated with their own kind of Botox to help them with their aging.

Is the process harmful or toxic?

Not at all!

Infinity roses are typically treated with an incredibly fine wax dust that is then soaked up into the petals. This wax dust process helps prevent the roses from aging quite as quickly as they usually would after being cut from their bush. The final result is a rose that looks identical to a rose growing straight from the bush or freshly bought from your local florist!

What’s the difference?

Unlike roses from your local florist, infinity roses are not going to wilt and die within days of purchase. Which means you can enjoy your infinity roses for significantly longer. How much longer? Up to a year and longer! This makes these roses ideal to keep in your own home, purchase for a special event or as a gift for that special someone in your life. Oh! We almost forgot, they’re also zero maintenance! There’s no need to water them, give them rose food or repot them after time. Without doing a single thing, you will have beautiful roses that are arranged in the highest quality boxes – and did we mention how amazing they smell?

What’s not to love about roses that last years, zero-maintenance, non-toxic and are drop dead gorgeous? The trend is making waves in the world of gifting and we think it’s here to stay!

If you’re interested in having a look at our arrangements, you can easily click the links below:

SOLO – a single rose in premium quality acrylic boxes

QUARTET – four roses in premium quality acrylic boxes

ROUND BOX – 11 – 14 roses in round velvet boxes

SQUARE BOX – 16 roses in premium quality and chic square hat box

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