What Are Long-Lasting Roses?

What Are Long-Lasting Roses?

Find Out How Long-lasting Roses Are Made

Have you heard of the flower phenomenon – long-lasting roses? Wondering what they are and how they’re made? Here, we cover all of this and show you why our stunning collection of year-long roses are the final touch your home is missing. 

Starting with sourcing our stunning roses.


We Grow the Roses

The first part of the Eternal Petals journey is to provide the best quality, beautiful roses from our farm in South America. Quality is so important to us. So, we grow our own roses and with the caring hands of our amazing farmers, we know that they will always delivers the most beautiful and perfectly bloomed roses.


The roses are grown and then cut when they are perfectly in bloom. This means they’ll stay at their peak for the whole year you have them.


The Preservation Process Begins


Next, we must preserve the roses in their perfectly bloomed natural state with our special secret formula.

Roses would usually begin to dry out and wilt, starting from the day they are cut. To stop this from happening, we use an all-natural process to preserve them in this perfect state.

We have crafted a formula that is made using natural oils and non-toxic and non-allergenic wax that preserves the roses as they are. The formula is added to each and every rose, which halts the wilting process for at least a year.  


The Roses Are Displayed


When the roses have been treated and are ‘frozen’ in their perfect bloom, we can start to work to display them in our stunning branded display boxes or vases. 

The look of the display of our roses is just as important to us as the roses themselves.

We use only beautiful quality Parisian-style display boxes with lids. This makes them safe for delivery and travel and offers you the perfect display case to show them off in your home by just removing the lid.

We add each rose to the box by hand to ensure they are perfectly positioned, lining them up for the polished result you can see in our images.

Whether you order a box of all the same coloured roses or design a bespoke box with a different colour for every rose, we do this all by hand to make sure it looks just right.



Lastly, we deliver the boxes of long-lasting roses to your door via our partner courier.

Once you have the roses in your home, they need no maintenance at all. One of the most popular reasons our customers love our year-long roses so much.

They might require an occasional light dusting depending on the room in which you have them. But they don’t need direct sunlight or water/feeding of any kind. This is what makes our aftercare advice so simple. There isn’t any! Just display and enjoy.


Shop our carefully curated collection of beautiful long-lasting roses at our Eternal Petals shop. From single roses or our classic box rose displays to ornate vases, find just what you’re looking for.


Remember to drop us a message or email if you have any other questions about how our long-lasting roses are made.

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