Why Eternal Roses are The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Why Eternal Roses are The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Idea
Mother’s Day for 2019 will fall on the 31stMarch, which means you don’t have all that long left to decide on a Mother’s Day gift idea. From a box of chocolates to a new pair of slippers, have your Mother’s Day present ideas started to run a little bland? Need a new fresh idea that she is guaranteed to love? Don’t worry, Eternal Petals has just the answer to get you well and truly into the good books.
Our one-year roses are a beautiful flower alternative gift that means your mum can keep her flowers for a whole year. If your mum loves roses but hates to have to throw them away after a week or so, our infinity roses are the perfect answer.
Need a little more convincing on why eternal roses are the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Here are just a few.
Get Something That Really Lasts
Everyone loves a fresh bouquet of flowers as a gift but the reality is they last for such a short amount of time. When it comes to eternal roses in a box, they really do last for a whole year without any water or maintenance whatsoever.
Already perfectly bloomed, our eternal roses have been specially treated to stay put for a whole year, which means your gift just goes on and on without the need for any assistance or water, making them the easiest and most beautiful flowers she will ever have received.
It’s the Perfect Personalised Gift
A personalised gift really shows the recipient that you know them well and offers a thoughtful surprise that they’ll treasure. So, when it comes to choosing infinity roses for Mother’s Day, you can personalise this gift to make it just a touch more special.
Choose from round boxeswhite velvet boxes or black velvet or even opt for a stunning marble effect box for a chic, contemporary look. Once you’ve selected which box she’ll like, have a think about her favourite colours or the hues that will work perfectly in her favourite room in the house. Then you can head to our personalisation page where you can choose exactly which coloured roses you want to include in the box and even which order they’ll come in, leaving a personalised gift card with your own Mother’s Day message.
It’s Mother’s Day and She Deserves It
It’s a day of the year that you can really treat your mum and show her how much you appreciate her and everything she does. So, why not go all out and gift her something that is sure to take her breath away.
If you’ve been in a slight panic on the approach to this year’s Mother’s Day, you can now relax because the job is done. Choose her favourite colour or a beautiful blend of several and gift her a stunning display of one-year roses that she is sure to adore for the rest of the year. We’d love to see you gifting them to her this Mother’s Day, so remember to snap a picture and tag us on our Instagram page. Check back on the Eternal Petals blog for all things infinity roses and plenty more gift ideas.

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