5 Occasions Where Eternal Roses Are the Perfect Unique Gift

5 Occasions Where Eternal Roses Are the Perfect Unique Gift

Here at Eternal Petals, we believe that eternal roses are the perfect possible gift. Chic, stylish and ultra-low maintenance, they offer all the beauty of a traditional luxury bouquet of flowers, but they also come complete with yearlong lifespan and zero water or feed management, making them effortlessly ideal.


Here, we take a look at five different occasions where eternal roses are the perfect unique gift.


Eternal Roses for Birthdays


Do you have a special birthday approaching? And you’re not quite sure what to buy that is both luxury and unique? This is where eternal roses can take away all the pressure.


From a single solo rose in a beautiful hue for a friend to a lavish box of 49 real roses for a special birthday, such as a 30th or 60th, eternal roses that last a whole year make a much bigger impact for those special birthday occasions and events.


The Perfect New Home Gift


Buying a new home gift for friends or family can be tricky. They might not have decorated their new home yet so you’re not quite sure of their style or maybe they’re very strict on the décor they would choose. Either way, a long-lasting box of roses makes the decision easy for you.


Opt for simple and neutral or chose a palette you know they’d love and create a statement box just for them.


Show Your Love with An Eternal Rose Bouquet


Everyone knows that roses are the universal symbol of love. So why not show your love for your special someone with a box of eternal roses? Whether it’s for a special anniversary, Valentine’s day or even for no reason at all, give them something that will last all year long.


Choose one of our stunning shades of red for a classic love note or show how well you know them by opting for something unique in bright hues or even metallic shades.


Upgrade Your Celebrations


Make any of your upcoming celebrations a more luxury occasion with the help of our eternal roses. Whether you’re celebrating the joy of a new baby, an engagement to be married or even great results at university or graduation, there’s never a wrong time to be presented with a luxe box of roses.


When You Really Deserve a Little Treat


Who says you can’t get a gift for yourself? Sometimes, we all just need a little treat, right? Well, here at Eternal Petals, we certainly think so. And what could be better than a sumptuous and beautifully luxury box of eternal roses? Opt for your favourite colours and create the perfect box to indulge yourself in the beauty of real roses.


No matter who you’re buying for, eternal roses can be the unique gift that you’ve been looking for. And if you don’t have a special occasion on the horizon, then you can simply treat yourself! Keep a lookout on the Eternal Petals blog for all things year-long roses and all our floral news.

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