5 Reasons We All Need Longer Lasting Roses

5 Reasons We All Need Longer Lasting Roses

At Eternal Petals, we’re pretty big fans of our longer lasting roses. It kind of goes without saying. However, we also believe that longer lasting roses are something for absolutely everyone to enjoy and there are many reasons why. From their stunning colour options to the chic and overtly stylish display choices, we all need longer lasting roses.


Here, we take a look at just a few reasons why.


It’s the On-Trend, Contemporary Way to Gift Flowers


Gifting the people we love flowers on special occasions, when they feel unwell, or just to let them know we’re thinking of them has been a societal tradition for hundreds of years. However, as with all things, traditions move on and longer lasting roses is the natural progression of flower giving with a modern twist.


Who Needs the Hassle of Regular Roses?


Pretty much everyone loves to receive flowers, right? But who really wants to refresh the water and clean out the vase, add flower food and after only a week head out to the green bins to throw away yet another bunch of dead flowers?


With longer lasting roses, there’s just so little maintenance that the convenience of them is undeniable and amongst their main selling points.


You Can Find Longer Lasting Roses in So Many Colours


Sure, if you head into your local flower shop, you’re sure to find some sort of bright hue or unusual shade. But when it comes to longer lasting roses, the colour options available are breathtaking.


From classic reds and neutrals to the bright and boldest palettes you can imagine, one year roses are the perfect choice for a statement floral display.


Add Roses to Your Interior Design


Adding beautiful flowers can complete an interior design space flawlessly. However, since no two bouquets of flowers are ever exactly the same, a real floral display can never really be planned into the design and décor of the room.


Until now.


With longer lasting roses, you get a whole year of beauty with one bouquet, allowing you to plan much further in advance when it comes to real floral displays for the first time ever.


Actually, Save Money


If you or someone you love is known to always have a beautiful bouquet of roses or any other flowers in your home, you’ll know how expensive it can be.


A medium bouquet of roses can cost anything from £30 to £100 depending on your specific choice and it will need replacing almost every week. When you actually think about the return on investment when it comes to longer lasting roses that last a whole year, it really is simple.


Amongst so many more, we’ve looked at five reasons why we all need longer lasting roses in our lives. And wouldn’t you be slightly inclined to agree? If you do, keep an eye on our ever-evolving collection of eternal roses with options to suit every person’s style and all occasions. Plus, keep your eyes on the Eternal Petals blog for all things floral style and one year roses.

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