Father's Day Gift Roses

Father's Day Gift Roses

Looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift for the special gent in your life? Have you ever thought about flowers?

Flowers are not just the perfect gift for women. Now, more and more people are choosing our eternal roses to gift to men and the reviews are in – men love them!

If you’re thinking about opting for our long-lasting roses for a Father’s Day gift, we thought we’d put together our top tips for choosing flowers for men.

Get it right this Father’s Day with a box of stunning year-long roses.


Choose His Favourite Team’s Colours

Looking to your dad or husband’s favourite sports team is often a safe bet when it comes to Father’s Day. But instead of opting for something traditional, why not get inspired by his team’s colours?

Choose bold Manchester City blue or opt for bright Arsenal red. Whatever his team of choice, create a stunning long-lasting rose palette to keep in his home for the rest of the year.


Stick to Neutral Greens

If you’re not too sure about colour, green is always an excellent choice when it comes to choosing flowers for men.

Choose between on-trend deep khaki green roses or opt for something lighter and brighter with our Jonny Cash bright emerald roses.

Green works with any home interior and keeps the rose box cool and modern.


Go for Statement Black

Bold and beautiful, our long-lasting black roses might be the perfect gift for Father’s Day. A bouquet he’s unlikely to have ever seen before, our black roses are one of our customer’s favourite ways to do flowers in a very masculine way.

Pair them with either the black or contrasting white suede box or opt for a contemporary marble suede box, perfect for the men who love to keep up with the trends.


Choose Vibrant Yellow or Orange

When you’re choosing flowers for men, it’s safer to steer away from the softer pinks and pastel hues. Instead, why not go for something loud and statement?

From bright yellow roses to our box of bold Orange Flame, it’s all about the colour.


Metallic Makes the Perfect Choice

If colour feels too feminine for the man in your life, why not opt for roses that are totally different to anything he will have seen before?

Our metallic gold and silver roses are something truly special. Plus, with a contemporary edge, any house-proud gent won’t be able to resist displaying these in his home.

Have we made you rethink your Father’s Day gift idea? If you believed roses were only the perfect gift for the ladies, now you can see that there’s plenty of ways to gift flowers to the men in your life.

From their favourite colour to statement and masculine black roses, surprise the father figure in your life this Father’s Day with a box of roses that will last a whole year.

 Father’s Day is on the 21st June this year so make sure you place your order in time!

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