Biggest Flower Trends of 2020

Biggest Flower Trends of 2020

We’ve all never been as keen to bring a little bit of the outside in. Adding flowers to your home is the perfect way to inject some nature to your everyday. And bring a touch of beauty to any room in your house.

Long-lasting roses might just be the perfect way to do this. And with flowers that last a whole year!

But what are the biggest flower trends for 2020?

We’re always on the look-out to see how our beautiful ever-lasting roses work with the season’s hottest trends.

Here are some of our favourite flower trends this year.


Minimal Neutrals

Whatever the hue, make it neutral for 2020. Beautiful beiges, crystal clear whites or luxe green works perfectly this season for a neutral and calming aesthetic.

While lots of people are adding rich colour to their homes, just as many are sticking to natural tones for an interior worthy of a magazine. 

Try long-lasting roses in these effortlessly cool soft tones for a balanced ambience in any room of the house.



Anything from pampas grass to fountain or panicum grass is proving to be immensely popular for 2020.

Working well in minimal and monochrome home interiors a tall vase stacked with one of the many grasses available are becoming an Insta-worthy statement.

Pair your vase of pampas grass next to a white suede round box of snow white long-lasting roses for the perfect combination.



Green was a huge colour for interiors in 2019 and 2020 is no different.

While houseplants are a hit, smaller bunches of flowers also lend themselves beautifully to this trend. Think anything from soft pastel green to deep and rich forest green for your own version of this natural-feeling flower trend.


Pure Pigment

If the natural and neutral trends aren’t for you, look out for high levels of deeply saturated pigment when it comes to colour.

From sumptuous plum tones and vibrant hot pink to beautifully rounded and rich deep yellow, if you’re opting for coloured roses or flowers this season, make it a statement.


Classic Red

Does a classic red rose ever go out of style?

We say no. But this year, they’re particularly on-trend.

We’ve seen red on the runway and making a splash this season in the beauty world and the flower industry is also having its turn. Think lavish and luxe deep red roses in their abundance to really nail this 2020 flower trend.

And keep yours for a whole year with our long-lasting red roses.


Keep it Pastel

Wearing pastels is the new black. But what about our homes?

Yes, pastel roses are HUGE for 2020. And we have to say, it’s one of our favourite looks for the home.

Whether you’re brightening up your home office or adding some fresh colour to your kitchen, opt for baby blue roses or soft blush pink for the perfect pastel vibes.

Add a chic and stylish on-trend twist to your home décor this season. But make it simple. With our stunning long-life roses, you can add a flash of colour or a luxe neutral display to your home. The perfect on-trend finishing touch to any room.

Explore our long-lasting roses collection and read all about how we’re keeping you safe while we deliver your flowers.

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