Eternal Petals Newsletter | COVID-19

Something to brighten your day…


Sometimes, through all the uncertainty we just need something to brighten our day.


The nation is currently working through difficult times in so many ways. But at Eternal Petals, we know that life goes on – as do birthdays, anniversaries and so many other important celebrations.


We wanted to drop all our lovely customers a quick note to say – we’re still here for you.


We’re all doing our best through these uncertain times and we feel very lucky that we can continue serving you online with our beautiful long-lasting eternal roses.


And even if we’re just brightening up a small corner of your home (or someone special), it’s worth it to us!


To give you peace of mind if you’re thinking about ordering flowers through the COVID-19 crisis, here is what Eternal Petals is doing to keep you (and us) safe.


Before your eternal roses are sent out to you, we are packaging all boxes following safety guidelines. This involves wearing safety gloves and a mask and disinfecting every box before it is packed and sent out.


We’re using courier service delivery for each of our boxes of roses. This courier service can offer a ‘zero contact’ service. This means you simply add a safe place to your order when checking out online and your roses will be left where requested.

- You will receive either an email or text to let you know when to expect delivery of your roses safely.


If we can help you at all during this time, please drop us an email and we’ll be happy to chat.


- Eternal Petals




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