Biggest Flower Trends of 2019

Biggest Flower Trends of 2019

Even though we’re all about minimalism and contemporary chicness, here at Eternal Petals, we still love to keep on top of the trends within the flower industry each year. For 2019, the top trends that appear to be emerging in not just the wedding industry but in all things floral are luxe, statement, and totally our style. Here, we share with you some of our favourites.


One Year Roses


We’ve been getting particularly excited about this trend as it relates so closely to our hearts. Not only are people starting to turn to longer-lasting flowers, but roses are increasingly at the top of their lists. Preserved, infinity or eternal. Whatever you call them, one-year roses are a huge trend for 2019 and beyond.


Block Colour Bouquets of Flowers


Where once floral bouquets were at their best with a plethora of colours and different types of flowers, for 2019, the look is very much block, solid colour and simplicity in the choice of flower type.


We’ve been seeing lots of bright statement hues, but every time, every flower in the bouquet is exactly the same shade, creating this show-stopping final bouquet or box of flowers that really make a sartorial statement.




Minimalism is back in the flower world and we are loving the aesthetics of what we’re seeing. From single flowers in their own display boxes to very simple and linear displays, our Eternal Petals creations are beautifully minimal in every way, which fits beautifully with one of our favourite flower trends of the year.




Green is a huge colour when it comes to flower trends for 2019. Neutral, natural and effortlessly serene, green floral displays are starting to take over when it comes to the flower industry.


One of our favourite hues for our one-year roses is our Johnny Cash sumptuous green roses. Seamlessly adding this stunning trend to your home through a box of roses is the perfect way to update an interior space without any long-term commitment or investment.


Pantone Colour of The Year


Every year, Pantone announces its colour of the year. This year, that colour is coral and this has had a huge impact on the flower industry. From bright pinky corals to soft and muted coral hues, adding a touch of coral to your home has never been easier than with a unique box of roses.


Brighten Up Your Home


Some years trends lean towards white or cream hues, whereas for 2019, it’s all about that bright, breath-taking colour. We’re seeing unique colours that we’re not used to seeing in the industry, such as royal blues, primary yellows and even turquoise. Another exciting trend for Eternal Petals (as we have all these shades!).


Do you like to keep up with the flower trends each year? From minimalism to huge statement bouquets, which is your favourite flower trend for 2019? And will you be filling your home full of one-year roses, ready to last the whole year? Take a look through the options we have here at Eternal Petals and if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.






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