3 Reasons Now Is the Perfect Time to Send Roses

3 Reasons Now Is the Perfect Time to Send Roses

The last month or so have been some of the strangest weeks in our history. In a time where we are separated from our friends and families, restricted from heading out to work and even told how and where to exercise, the right thing to do is less clear than ever.


However, it’s been beautiful for us, here at Eternal Petals, to see people still sending their loved ones our stunning long-lasting roses. This is because, throughout all their troubles and worries, our customers still want to put a smile on their special someone’s face.


So today, we thought we’d mention why now might be the perfect time to send someone roses.


Lots of People are Totally Alone


While many people are isolating at home with family or roommates, many people are also self-isolating at home all alone. Whether that’s through choice or difficult circumstances, being home alone for this number of weeks is tough.


While it won’t bring them company in person, sending someone isolating at home alone the gift of beautiful roses might just make their day. Or week!


They’re probably very reliant on phone calls and video chats at the moment and a delivery of flowers to their door will let them know that they’re not really alone.


Life Goes On


Many people have celebrated birthdays, anniversaries and even the birth of babies while the COVID-19 situation has continued to dominate. And that’s because, life does go on.


Celebrating your birthday or a special occasion in isolation without your friends and family is far from ideal. Which is why it might be the perfect time to show someone you are celebrating with them in spirit with a beautiful box or bouquet of roses.


Choose their favourite colour or a colour that means something to them and let them celebrate their birthday or special event in the best way possible during this time.


You Can Really Show You Care


While many people are finding a productive way to navigate current times, many people are also struggling through and finding it difficult to cope with the change of pace.


Sending a delivery of stunning roses to someone’s door out of the blue and for no real reason at all shows you care. And for those struggling, helps them to stay positive. A reminder that their friends are waiting for them for when this is all just a memory.



As we all wait for updates and continue to practice safe social distancing and isolation, life does indeed go on. And if we can make someone smile with a beautiful box of long-lasting roses, then we will continue to do so.


We’ve made some changes to the way we are doing business at Eternal Petals, which you can see here. If you have someone special in mind that you’d love to gift roses to – roses that will outlast our current situation too – then we’d love to help.


Browse our long-lasting roses collections and please feel free to get in touch if we can help further.

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